Arterie Fine Arts
Acrylic on Canvas
16" x 12"
Pallavi Rajwade

Tulsi - The holy basil

Each of us sees snapshots of places we’ve lived in or visited in the past. Certain of these visuals are engraved so deep that one starts associating that place with the picture one has in his/her mind.

“Tulsi” is one such artwork which is inspired by one of my snapshot of my grandparent’s house. The house and my grandparents tried to stick with the Indian traditions and values but the surrounding was trying to get modern with countless speed.

A Tulsi plant also known as holy basil planted in a particular shape of pot with a small oil lamp, outside the front entrance of the house has been an auspicious tradition in India for many centuries.

It is said that such plant welcomes friendly visitors, and keeps the evil away. Plus it has therapeutic values so in case some family member has a severe cold or stomach upset its mixture can comes handy.
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