Arterie Fine Arts
Live Free and Die Hard
Oil with Gold Foil
48" x 36"
Sheri Lee Butler

This work was begun as an expression of the soul over the physical body. It calls out Live Free and Die Hard. It began through sharing a friends personal challenges coupled with articles at the time of its painting with incidents in International news reports of oppression and physical attacks on individuals. The two elements were combined with the human icon representing triumphs of the soul and positive energy over the ego and negative energy, through ideal, (an ultimate object or aim of endeavor, especially one of high or noble character).
For myself this was a growth piece which involved a change in perspective on existence as simply energy, (as scientifically energy is conserved) and a slight change in technique and additional action/energy of the work itself. Ultimately it is meant to push all viewers to examine motives of one’s actions in daily life of both small and great issues with measured thoughtfulness and reflect on the positive and negative effects on both body and soul of others, hopefully on through to enlightenment of compassion and tolerance. This is certainly a process that is continuing for myself whereas the completion of the work became a beginning for self-journey.
Unframed the canvas size is 36X48 rendered in oil with somewhat of a watercolor ( incomplete) technique, with gold leaf used to represent the soul, spirit, energy of the living or part of the divine.
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