Arterie Fine Arts
Midnight Noise
Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf
30" x 30"
Jianna Mirabelli

I really enjoyed working on this piece, I definitely took the time to let the paint flow and move this piece forward. This piece of art started out with an under layer of all black and blue paint. I then added a layer of yellow, white and red. I started out with the thicker areas of paint and then as I moved away, I allowed for the paint to become thinner. While adding this new layer I also added in some gold leaf for texture. This whole painting was an experiment for me to explore new mediums and techniques. The paint needed to dry for a couple of days before I could continue adding in layers. The next layers were of blue and purple, I chose to keep the thick areas as they were because I wanted to let them show through. After that I went back in with an x-acto knife and scraped away lines of paint to add more texture and depth. I really tried layering paints on top of each other for this painting. I wanted to experiment and try something new.
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